Packaging With Pressed Flowers

Adding a tiny pressed flower to your packaging is a nice way to dress up your cosmetic products. Here are some ideas for adding pressed flowers to your packaging: 
  • Glue a tiny pressed flower on your hang tags, soap labels and self adhesive labels. 
  • Decorate the edge or lid of a powder box with pressed flowers. Glue several flowers around the rim of the powder box or glue them in a pattern on the lid of the powder box. Seal with Mod Podge® or a similar substance. 
  • Attach a tiny pressed flower to a bar of soap. To do this you will need to prepare the surface of your soap by applying a tiny bit of melted paraffin wax on your soap over the area where you want to put the flower. Put the flower in this area. Seal the flower with additional melted paraffin wax.

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