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Making Good Scents - 1996 - make soap, cosmetics, and perfumes at home.

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Making Good Scents - Back Issues From 1996

Making Good Scents - Winter '96

Read The Following Articles In The Winter '96 Issue of Making Good Scents™

Winter Skin Creams: Make a Basic skin cream, Basic lip cream, Avocado and Cocoa Butter Night Cream and Wheatgerm and Lanolin Hand Cream with the recipes in this article.

Simple Scents: Make simple scents with this article. This article discusses essential oils, fragrance oils, alcohol and oil perfume bases. It also provides three simple recipes for women's perfumes.

Designing Your Cosmetic Labels: Guidelines for creating simple cosmetic labels for your products.

Do It Yourself: Follow our recipe to make an all natural Swiss shampoo.

Making Good Scents - Spring '96

Read The Following Articles In The Spring '96 Issue of Making Good Scents™

Create Your Own Face Care System:
Use the recipes in this article to create your own face care system. This article contains recipes for cleansers, toners and moisturizers for normal/dry, oily, sensitive and acne prone skin.

Special Scents For Special Times: Create fragrances to celebrate the special times in your life. This article contains ideas for creating special perfumes as well as three perfume recipes for women.

Shaving Creams: This article contains recipes for a basic shaving cream, sweet almond shaving cream and peppermint shaving cream.

Tools and Tips:
How to make herbal infusions.

Exciting Business Cards:
Tips for creating business cards your customers will remember.

Making Good Scents - Fall '96

Read The Following Articles In The Fall '96 Issue of Making Good Scents™

Beauty Secrets From The Middle East: This article contains information about cosmetic ingredients from the Middle East. Includes recipes for a Mineral-Rich Bath Soak, Olive Oil Hand and Body Lotion, Rose and Olive Oil Moisturizing Body Scrub, Rose Petal Body Powder and Rose and Olive Bath Oil.

Herbal Face Masks: Four recipes for face masks made with herbs and other natural ingredients.

Treats For Your Feet: Give your feet some tender loving care with the recipes in this article. Includes a recipe for a foot soak, foot scrub, foot massage oil and foot powder.

Perfume Recipes: Three recipes for perfumes.

Craft Malls: Advice for selling at craft malls.

Designer Fragrance Oils: Information about designer fragrance oils.
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