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Making Good Scents - 1998 - make soap, cosmetics, and perfumes at home.

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Making Good Scents - Back Issues From 1998

Making Good Scents - Winter '98

Read The Following Articles In The Winter '98 Issue of Making Good Scents™

Recipes From The Grocery Store:
Recipes for Goat's Milk and Honey Soap, Vanilla body oil and more.

Bath Salts:
Pamper yourself with an assortment of recipes for bath salts.

Guidelines for Scenting Your Cosmetics:
How much fragrance to use when scenting your creations.

Understanding Plastic Containers:
In depth information about plastic containers and how they can affect your cosmetic preparations.

Working With Fragrance - Scented Soaps:
An article about the advantages and disadvantages of working with essential oils and fragrance oils to scent soaps.

Sweet Scents:
Four recipes for fragrances.

Making Good Scents - Spring '98

Read The Following Articles In The Spring '98 Issue of Making Good Scents™

Luxurious Hand and Body Lotions:
Make your own homemade hand and body lotion with the recipes in this article. Includes recipes for a floral hand and body lotion and a vitamin rich hand and body lotion.

Essential Oils For Natural Face Care:
Simple recipes for face care products to make with essential oils.

Natural Beauty From The Garden:
Natural skin care recipes using calendula.

Fragrance Recipes:
Three recipes for sweet scents.

Shopping For Fragrance Oils:
What should you look for when purchasing fragrance oils? Here are four tips to help you decide.

Easy, Elegant Soap Packaging:
Quick ideas for making your soaps look as pretty as a picture.

Making Good Scents - Summer '98

Read The Following Articles In The Summer '98 Issue of Making Good Scents™

Shampoos and Shower Gels:
Make your own natural shampoos and shower gels with the recipes in this article.

Herbal Soaps:
Herbs make wonderful additions to handmade soaps. Enjoy herbs in your soaps with these four recipes.

Recipes From The Grocery Store:
Make a Milk-enriched bath soak and a cornmeal face scrub.

Fragrance Recipes:
Scent your bath and body care products with these three recipes for fragrances.

Make A Net Sponge:
Simple instructions for making a net sponge to go with your shower gels.

Making Labels With A Home Computer:
Tips for making attractive computer labels for your products.

Making Good Scents - Fall '98

Read The Following Articles In The Fall '98 Issue of Making Good Scents™

Moisturizing Skin Creams:
Take special care of your skin with these recipes for skin creams.

Super-Fast Castile Soap: Speed up your soap making with this recipe for a super fast soap.

Herbal Blends:
Use these three blends of natural essential oils to scent your bath and body care products.

Secrets For Faster
Soap making: Five tips to help you make soap faster.

Growing Your Bath and Body Care Business:
Tips to help a growing business succeed.

Vegetable Oil Soaps vs. Animal Fat Soaps:
The pros and cons of each.
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