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Learn How To Make Soap With Herbs with the book Herbal Soap - Recipes For Handcrafters

Luscious Lemon Soap, Peppermint and Chamomile Body Wash, Patchouli and Sweet Orange Soap. Learn how to make soap with herbs with the book Herbal Soap. Inside this book you will find information about making soap and about the different ways herbs can be added to soap.

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Here is a look at what you will find in this book:


Soap Basics
• What Is Soap? - a brief look at the chemistry behind soap making
• Basic Soap Ingredients - a closer look at the basic ingredients required to make soap
• Tools and Equipment - this section discusses the tools and equipment you should have on hand to make soap.
• Safety - this section discusses how to make soap safely.

The Soap Making Process
This section briefly covers the process of making soap from scratch.

Basic Soap Recipes
This section provides five basic recipes for making soap. These include: palm-olive soap, castile soap, vegetable shortening soap, liquid soap, and avocado-shea butter soap flakes.

Making Herbal Soaps
• Adding Herbs To Soaps:This section looks at the various ways you can add herbs to soap.
• Herbs To Use In Soap: This section provides details on over twenty different herbs to add to your soaps.

Herbal Soap Recipes: This section contains recipes for different herbal soaps including:
• Shaving Soap
• Coconut Shampoo Bar
• Luscious Lemon Bar
• Fresh Feet Soap
• Vitamin Rich Soap
• Soothing Bath Bar
• Peppermint Castile Soap
• Chamomile Castile Soap
• Rose Castile Soap
• Rose and Shea Butter Soap
• Liquid Shampoo
• Chamomile and Rosewater Cleansing Milk

Information For U.S. Sellers

The ebook Herbal Soap can be purchased at several online sites including:
The print version of Herbal Soap is available at lulu.com

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