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Easy, Elegant Soap Packaging

What is the best way to package your soap? For some soap makers, the choice is easy - don't package the soap at all! But for others, packaging is an important part of soap making, especially if you plan to give away or sell your soap. But soap packaging shouldn't take more time than making the soap itself. If you need ideas for attractively packaging your soaps, but don't want to spend a lot of time packaging them, here are some choices for you.

Gift Wrap, Wallpaper, and Tissue Paper

Gift wrap, wallpaper, and tissue paper are wonderful materials for wrapping soaps because they comes in so many different designs. Be sure to match the gift wrap or wall paper design to the type of soap you will be wrapping. Here are two ways to wrap soap with these papers:
  • Wrap individual bars like a gift and tie with a ribbon.
  • Use the gift wrap as your soap label. Wrap a strip of gift wrap around your soap. Affix a label on top of it.

Copy and Laser Paper

Copy and laser printer papers come in many beautiful textures and colors. A simple way to wrap soap using copy and laser paper is to simply wrap a strip of paper around your soap. If you use plain paper, instead of fancy paper, try one of these ideas for variety:
  • Embellish with rubber stamp designs. Use a design that compliments your soap.
  • Decorate with colorful stickers.
  • Emboss a design onto the paper for an elegant effect.
  • Make your label out of white paper and add color using metallic foil.
  • Layer a thin strip of paper on top of a wider strip. Use a pair of scissors with fancy edges to make an interesting border.

Cellophane and Polypropylene

Cellophane and polypropylene are clears plastics that are used to wrap many items. Cellophane and polypropylene come in sheets and bags. Cellophane and polypropylene bags can be used to wrap odd-shaped soaps and scented soaps. Cellophane and polypropylene sheets can be wrapped around soaps like gift wrap. Select in colors or patterns to add visual interest.


Wrapping fabric around soap gives a lot of visual interest to soap. Fabric can be wrapped around soap like a gift and tied with a ribbon. Experiment with a variety of fabrics for different effects. Here are some ideas:
  • Corduroy and velour for a rich, plush look.
  • Silk, for an elegant look.
  • Denim for an all-American look (If you use denim, consider tying it down with a thin strip of leather instead of ribbon for a western look).

Boxes and Baskets

Boxes and baskets are nice containers for soap. Consider filling your box with one of these materials:
  • If you are making an herbal soap fill the box or basket halfway with an herb that matches the scent of your soap. For example, if you are making rose soap, fill the box or basket with dried rosebuds. If you are making lavender soap, fill the box or basket with dried lavender. Put your soap on top of the herb. Wrap in cellophane.
  • Fill the box or basket with excelsior or gift basket filling. Place soap on top.
  • Place one or several washcloths or sponges in the basket with your soap.

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