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Marketing and Selling Your Handmade Soaps and Cosmetics at Farmer's Markets | Start and grow your soap making business

Marketing and Selling Your Handmade Soaps and Cosmetics at Farmer's Markets


Farmer's markets are held all over the world. Farmer's markets vary greatly in size and scope. Some are year round. Some are only open during the spring and summer. Some are held indoors. Some are held outdoors. But they have one thing in common. Farmer's markets give farmers and growers of produce a low cost way to sell their goods to the public. Farmer's markets also give the buying public a change of pace. They get to meet the people who make the products that they are buying, and they get access to products that they wouldn't be able to obtain otherwise.

Many farmer's markets include crafts. At a farmer's market, like at a craft show, you purchase a booth space. On the days that the market is held, you set up your products in your display and sell them to the public. At a farmer's market, just like at a craft show, your earnings are limited by how much you bring to sell, how many people come to the market and by the number of people that are interested in your products.

Advantages of Farmer's Markets

Many soap and cosmetic crafters get their start selling at farmer's markets. Farmer's markets offer you a low cost way to meet a lot of potential customers. Farmer's markets also tend to be a great tourist attraction, and many cities advertise their farmer's markets to tourists, thus drawing more potential customers.

Disadvantages of Farmer's Markets

If you decide to participate in a market that is held outdoors, your products could be affected by the weather. If it rains and your labels were printed using an inkjet printer, you might have your labels destroyed. If it is sunny and hot, and your products are exposed to the sun, your products might start to react to the heat and the sunlight. If you decide to sell at a farmer's market, invest in a canopy to protect your products from the weather.

Farmer's Markets and the Internet

Farmer's Markets have come a long way since their inception. Many of them have websites which allow their customers to shop for homegrown and homemade products online. This is an excellent opportunity to grow your business if you sell at a farmer's market.

Enhancing Your Sales at Farmer's Markets

The same techniques for enhancing your sales at craft shows applies to farmer's markets.

  • Have testers for people to sample (if possible).
  • Package and display your products attractively.
  • Have a business card to give to your customers in case they want to order your products after the market.
  • Start a mailing list.

Finding Out About Farmer's Markets

To find out about farmer's markets in your area, call your local chamber of commerce, or read The Country Register publication (published in the US and Canada) for your area. If you live in the US you can also find out if there is a farmer's market near you by visiting https://www.ams.usda.gov/local-food-directories/farmersmarkets

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