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Secrets For Faster Soap Making | Start and grow your soap making business

Secrets For Faster Soap Making


If you like soap making, but you are spending too much time on it, here are some tips to help you make soap faster.

  • Use a water-bath to cool your lye solution quickly. I make my lye solution in a plastic container. I cover it with a plastic lid and sit it in a sink filled with cold water. This cools the lye solution down very quickly.
  • Use a water-bath to cool your fats quickly. After melting your fats in a double boiler, replace the hot water in the double boiler with cold water. This helps the fats to cool down faster.
  • Pre-measure your ingredients. On a day when you are not making soap, measure out your ingredients for future batches of soap that you plan to make. Label these and set them aside. This will save you a lot of time when you make your soap.
  • Use an electric mixer. This is an extremely valuable time saver. Not only does it make soap making faster, using a mixer frees your hands so you can concentrate on other things while your soap is saponifying.
  • Test new scents in bulk. Instead of making one batch of soap to test one scent, test several scents at once with one large batch of soap. Make your soap. After it has saponified pour the soap into individual molds. Stir a different scent into each mold. Let cure.

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