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Mango Butter

The mango has several nicknames including "king of fruits" and "the apple of the tropics." Not only do ripe mangos taste wonderful, they have the highest vitamin A content of any fruit, and are rich in beta carotene and vitamin E. Many consider the mango to be the most delicious fruit in the world. Mangos are native to Asia, with India being the largest producer, but they are grown all over the world in Mexico, Pakistan, China, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Haiti, and several other countries. With such a following, it is only natural to seek out ways to use the mango in cosmetics. The mango is a source of a thick, solid oil which is often called mango butter. Mango butter, also called mango seed oil, is very similar in composition to cocoa butter, but without the strong aroma of cocoa.

Mango Butter has the following characteristics:

SAP Value: 189
Iodine Value: 41.76
INCI Name: Mangifera indica
Oleic Acid: 41%
Stearic Acid: 39%
Palmitic Acid: 9.3%
Other fatty acids found in trace amounts: linoleic, arachidic, behenic, lignoceric, linolenic.