Tips for Marketing Your Handcrafted Cosmetics With Gift Baskets

One of the easiest ways to promote your handcrafted soaps and cosmetics is through specialty gift baskets that you design and sell yourself. Many different types of businesses use gift baskets to thank customers and reward employees. By creating specialty gift baskets you can help your customers accomplish their goals and they can help you accomplish your business goals – more sales! Here are four gift basket ideas to get you started:
  • Basket name: “Welcome To Your New Home” gift basket.
  • Market: Real estate companies looking to give a gift to customers, or home decorators looking for new accessories to decorate a house with for a home show.
  • Basket description: This gift basket can contain soap and cosmetic items needed by the new homeowner. Such items can include bath soaps, guest soaps and kitchen soap. Throw in a couple of washcloths or dishcloths as an accessory.
  • Basket name: “Welcome Baby”
  • Market: Obstetricians who want to thank their customers, hospital gift shops, maternity stores.
  • Basket description: This gift basket should contains items to help welcome a new baby such as baby powder, baby oil and baby soap.
  • Basket name: “Kids Bath Basket”
  • Market: Stores that sell kids clothing
  • Basket description: This basket should contain fun shaped soaps. Add a funny shaped bath mitt or scrubbie as an accessory.
  • Basket name: “A Gift For The Bridesmaid”
  • Market: Individual brides and bridal stores.
  • Basket description: This basket should contain a selection of pamper products like soaps, lotions and bath salts, scrubs or milks. It should be affordable so that a bride can afford to purchase several to give to her wedding party as a way of saying thank you.
In addition to making nice gift containers, baskets also make attractive storage containers when you are displaying your products at gift shows and bazaars.