Soap Making Business


A scale that measures accurately is one of the most treasured assets of the soapmaker and cosmetic crafter. Without one, it is impossible to achieve consistency in the manufacture of bath and body care products. Digital scales come in many different shapes and sizes and in all price ranges. However, it is not necessary to take out a bank loan to purchase a digital scale. This article discusses what features to look for when purchasing a digital scale.

What To Look For In A Digital Scale

To get the most for your hard earned money look for the following features.

    • Units of Measure. Look for a scale that measures in metric and english units. This makes it as easy to follow recipes that are written using ounces and pounds as it is to follow recipes written in grams.
    • Maximum capacity. The maximum capacity is the largest weight that a scale can measure at once. Look for a scale that can weigh at least 5 pounds.
    • Automatic shutoff. This feature causes the scale to shut off after a certain period of inactivity. It protects your scale's battery just in case you forget to turn it off.
    • Amount that it measures increments in. This is the smallest unit that a scale can measure in. A scale that measures to the nearest gram or tenth of an ounce is satisfactory for most handmade bath and body care recipes.

Also be aware of what type of platform your scale comes with. The platform is the surface on the scale where you place the item to be weighed. A stainless steel or glass platform is best because these can be cleaned easily and will not react with lye, fragrance oils, or anything else that is spilled upon them. However, some scales come with plastic platforms. If you purchase a scale with a plastic platform, you can protect it by covering it with a thin sheet of clear plastic wrap before you use it. This will protect it from any chemical spills.