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Cosmetics Labels | Soap Packaging

Customizable Labels For Handmade Soap, Cosmetics, and Bath and Body Care Products

Need labels for your handmade soap, cosmetics, and bath and body care products? Visit the links below for labels that you can customize, or visit our labels store at Custom Soap and Cosmetic Labels and Gifts for the complete selection.

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Labels with a honeybee theme: These labels feature a background with a honey bee and flowers.
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Modern Luxury Labels: These labels feature metallic borders and modern text.
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Damask Labels: Labels and soap wrapping paper featuring damask patterns.
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Floral Bath and Body Product Labels: These labels have floral patterns and a black frame.
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Dog Soap and Shampoo Labels: These labels are designed for dog products.
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Vintage Reproductions: These labels are reproductions of vintage French labels that you can customize with your own text.
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Minimalist Bath Product Labels: These labels feature a minimalist design.
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Lavender Themed Labels: These labels feature lavender designs.
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Vintage Style Labels With a Metallic Background: These labels feature a simple vintage style with faux metallic backgrounds.
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Parchment Paper Style Labels: These labels feature a parchment paper style background.
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Vintage Style Labels with a Solid Background: These labels feature a simple vintage style with solid color backgrounds.
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Waterproof Soap and Cosmetic Labels: This collection features a variety of waterproof labels for your handmade soaps and cosmetics.

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